Kara Sardegna

We produced wine for family pleasure for decades.

One day weheard louder the lure of vineyards, and returned to our oldest vocation, with anew vision.

We decided to start from our home land, the Mejlogu, renowned for its production of grape sand cherries.

Mejlogu -in Sardinian language - means “place in the middle”, and in fact is an area in the center of the Logudoro - “gold place” in Sardinian language -, a beautiful region in northern Sardinia.

It is anuntouched land, which has preserved the suggestions of our early history.

It's a land that hosted, just until a few years ago, one of the Sardinia largest areas of quality wines production, reaching over 1,000 hectares ofvine yards.

It is the wine area that remained on the private memory of our great mentor and guide -the celebrated winemaker Giacomo Tachis - used to visit these places, for the selection of grapes and musts.

Here in Bonnanaro, where we grow our vines, it is possible to discover some of there mains of a really ancient culture, which preceded the “Nuraghi” era. It´ seasy to understand why our ancestors chose this region, and built here one ofthe most magnificent Nuraghe: “Sa Domo de su Re” (the House of the King), andthe Nuragic village of “Santu Antine”. Mejlogu is a sweet land, exposed tolight and wind, perfect for vineyards, fields, orchards and flocks. The grapesripe near cherry trees, the vines take strength from our sandy and limestoneearth. We chose this land for our vineyards, or - that is more true - shecalled us! Ancient places like this have an enchanting voice that brings us onthe right way.

Our heartstarts beating in the best wine-area of Mejlogu - MONTE SANTU - a limestone mountain that rises up to 700 meters a.s.l. On the southern ridge of this amazing mountain, 400 metershigh, stretches our first vineyard of 6 hectares.

Ourpassionate way of living our lifes, has led us to a never experiencedadventure. Protagonist is always the area of Mejlogu, but the focus is pushedtoward one of its more peculiar parts. We planted an experimental vineyard of 8 hectares on the top ofthe volcanic Mount Pelao, 730 meters above sealevel. The only example in Sardinia! Amagnificient scenario for visitors, a spectacular terroir to produce mineraland warm wines, just like a volcanic soil can give.

Our dream,our passion, has also led to a new step.

Driven bythe will to continue on our road-to-the-excellence; wanting to explain, throughthe wines, the excellence of Sardinia, we hadthe chance to include a new vineyard to our estates. We moved into the GalluraRegion, harsh and fascinating land with breathtaking landscapes. Main home ofone of the most noble Italian white grape: the Vermentino, that finds here hisab solutely highest expression.

Our estatein Gallura, covers 35 hectares and represent the quintessential vine yardde dicated to His Majesty the Vermentino. A terrace -about 300 meters a.s.l.-overlooking the sea and facing the stunning archipelago of “La Maddalena”. A vineyardsurrounded by granite soils, and rocks, and sea winds. A gift that God hasgiven to our country! …And that we want to offer to the whole world.

That's ourvision: to represent Sardinia through its best CRU.

We striveto produce exciting and captivating wines, that brings you to falling in love with them, as only Sardinia wines can do.

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